Sunday, May 1, 2011

Turning 50 and my birthday week.

For the last few years my birthday has seemed to stretch. I have so many friends that it just happens that way to fit in all the lunches. This year though I was thrown a surprise dinner at a favorite chinese restaurant. My daughter Caitie and a couple of my friends really made my 50th memorable.
         My daughter Caitie. I love you with all my heart and wish you the best life.
Caitie is very talented in the creative art side. She has amazing talent and a crazy creative mind. I love looking at her doodles and sketches and everything she does. It blows me away. I have posted a painting she did for me in a earlier post if you would like to see it.
                                            Bonnie my stamping pal and member of the card club.
                                           Bonnie was the mastermind behind the best gift for me.
                 I love you Bonnie and Thank you for your guidence in my personal life and my paper crafting life. These last few years you have helped me in so many ways.
I thank you for everything you have done.
I am so happy you did not place that first order with me....LOL
       My friend Christine was so helpful to Caitie to pull this night off.
 Thank You Christines for all the help you have given me and Caitie over the years. I treasure our friendship and love you and your family like my own. Your help during the move was unbelievable and I thank you for helping me during this stressful time. I thank Tim for letting us use the trailer to haul all my crap oh I mean craft stuff over here.

         My friend Marlene. We have had some crazy times in the last 30 years.
Thnak you for the crazy U turn trips and being the first person I flew with. Most of all for letting me be with you during the birth of your daughter. What a miracle I witnessed.
My bestie Mary lou I love you like a sister. I look forward to our daily chats on the phone. Our friendship has grown over the years through all the hardships and good times. Our children get to wittness what a friendship is all about. Love and understanding through good times and bad. Seeing us cry during times of crisis and tears flowing because we are laughing so hard at the stupid things we say or do.
Thank you for all the great memories up north in Bala and for your unconditional love 
                 My sister Judy I love my seeestor. She is my everything. I wish her happiness and contentment.
 My friend Carolyn a part of the card club.Thanks for all the beautiful card classes. Thanks for helping me arrange the craft room in the new house. Cant go wrong with yours and Bonnies minds working together.
Kristy, another gal from card club. I am so glad that you found me on the internet and gave me a phone call.
 Sundee, a new friend that like to do paper crafts so she is in as a friend...LOL
 Karen, What can I say about this lady besides I just love her so much. Long time friend that was lost then found because of paper crafting :)
 Carol, we are movie dates and I love going to dinner and a movie with her. Our children went to the same school for 9 years
       Mona, Thank you so much for all the hard work you did during the move.
Our talks over the last couple of years about our creative kids has helped me more than you know. love you.
 Judy, Judy, Judy... LOVE you I have so enjoyed our friendship over the last few years. Getting together for bible study has been great!
 Glenda love you too. Thanks for your support and love and hosting bible study.
Another lover of scrapbooking so she is in the club...LOL
 Jo Anne from the first time we met and actually before we were introduced I knew we would become good friends I hope it is for a lifetime. Love ya.

OK Jesse is not a girlfriend but his girlfriend is my daughter :) so he came out for my birthday and fit right in.
He is a great guy and is a big help when I need it. Thanks Jesse.

 Ok here is the first gift I got from the gang. These are used for cutting paper in perfect shapes and sizes. I have wanted to get them for a while but just did not have the cash to put out for them....Bonnie remembered that I wanted them. I have hardly mentioned them...LOL....OK every time we got together I said something about them. My machine is only big enough to use the first 3 in each set but I did not care I wanted to make bigger cards and they would do the trick! So I was SO HAPPY to receive them.
 OK this picture says it all.....THEY gave me the machine to use all the dies in. This was given to me at the end of the gathering. I was happy with the dies and did not expect the machine at all. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE.
 Caitie gave me 2 bird feeders. I love them one is for niger seed and the other for sunflower seeds. I put them up and birds were at them within the day. I enjoy watching them from the windows in the new house. I have seen many kinds of birds already.The most exciting was a rose breasted Grosbeak that came yesterday. I got a picture of it too. Thank you Caitie I love you with all that my heart you are everything to me.
 This painting was painted for me by my pepal of 41 years. I love you Cindy and I love the painting it so looks like Bala. Standing on Kevins deck looking out over Paradise Bay. Thank you so much I am glad you were there in spirit. Cindy's mother and my mother became penpals during the second world war. Barbara lived in the United States of America and we lived in Canada . One year the family came to canada to visit us and that is when we became penpals. There was an article in the simcoe remforer about us.
                      This was the cake that was made for me. The baker was given a picture of a card I had made and replicated it. It was perfect down to the last detail.
I am physco over cake!!
      So the night was amazing and I love looking at the pictures.
Thank  You to all of you for making my 50th the greatest bday ever!!

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  1. What a wonderful tribute to all those who love you back, Cathy. You are an amazing Mother, Sister and Friend and I'm sure I speak for everyone who shared your birthday with you that we were each honoured to be a part of it.