Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hand made cards given to me for my Bday

Here are the handmade cards that were given to me for my 50th bday

               This beauty was made by my friend Bonnie it was the group card that went with my gifts.
                So beautiful and of course a buterfly they always remind me of my Mom. Thanks Bonnie
                          This card was from Carolyn. So very nice with the hand crocheted flowers.
                                                                 Another butterfly :)
                              What a bright sunny card made for me by Kristy...can you spot it?
                                                    Yup that's right another butterfly
                               This beauty is from Sundee. Do I even need to say the obvious...LOL
This card is from Bonnie also it is so pretty and huge! Of course there is that wonderful butterfly.
Do my peeps know me or what. I am so blessed


  1. Perfect backdrop for your card and project photos, Cathy!

  2. It is a perfect backdrop. Lots of wonderful natural light. Everyone did a fantastic job.