Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thoughts..about stuff

First off I am moving...yeah...nayyy all my stamping scrapping stuff is packed and won't be free until I figure middle of April.

Yeah think card classes are in the future....nayyy...hmmmmm nothing unless no one comes :(

Yeah...big house with everything on one floor for me. Second floor and basement for Cait and friends. Thank goodness for my text machine I will be able to keep track of where she is in the house.
nayyyy......big house big cleaning...LOL

Yeah ...well established gardens for me to putter in. Nayyy...trying to figure out how to get Chucky over there. (my 5 foot inukshuk cemented together) plus leaving behind a lilac bush that was given to me by my brother for my 40th bday I love that lilac.

Yeah...downsizing...nayyy...still have a lot of stuff need bubble wrap...LOL

Yeah loard going to cut more grass then expected...nayyy...still a lot to cut and no lawnmower...LOL (what is the going rate for a teen to cut the grass. I got 2 bucks back in the day)

YEAH YEAH YEAH I have great friends that are willing to help...nayyy nothing bad to say about my friends.

 YEAH I will be having Christmas for the first time in many years. The place is big enough for all of us (23+ peeps) nothing for this either!

YEAH...a huge wrap around deck that will fit my swing and my table and chairs plus a whole lot more if needed......nayyy ....nothing

Yeah a big kitchen ....nayy...have to learn to cook better

Yeah closer to Simcoe and Delhi...nayyy..further away from my friends :( (ok it is only 10 minutes...LOL)

Well at this point I see very few real negatives and a whole lot of happy!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Family Wedding card and a Lavender Thank You

One of the gals that I worked with for many years is getting married. It will be a blended family so I thought why not do a card that has the whole family on it. You will even see a small butterfly representing a grandchild.

The next card is for a Lady that is in the house I will be moving to April 1st.
She has been very nice to me.
She grows and sells lavender products so I thought I should use my
lavender stamp. Then my friend Bonnie
has a great card that we modified to an oval. She cut the layers out
with her grand calibar and spellbinder dies.
I was so grateful for her to let me use her beloved tools.