Saturday, April 7, 2012

Card Class

Last night was my turn to come up with a class. I decided to do a brayer class. I found a great card on line and it was made by Kerri Metzger. She gives credit to other people also. That is the crazy thing about sharing your art. It will get cased and the credit could go back to many people so it is hard to really find out who the ORIGINAL creator was. Then of course it even get crazier now with You Tube and Pinterest. So if you were the original creator of the technique and I have thought they were beautiful enough to copy let me know.
I think my father is getting this one for fathers day
The next cards are all done with the same colours of ink pads yet they all look different.

This next card is an original and I really like how it turned out.
I have started having card classes again and this has been the class I have been teaching. Today is the last class using these desgins. I have been inspired by two other card makes for the next 2 cards. They are simular to these but not exact card.

The next card is an original and my friend Bonnie helped create it with me.
I love the ribbon I found that says if the crown fits wear it.
If you look at the stamp it has a crown at the top so I had to get the ribbon.
There is a jewel in the big crown at the top and a little jewel on the crown that is on the ribbon.

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  1. Thanks for a great class Cathy. Even though it was not my most successful technique class, I still enjoyed it and now I know that I definitely need a new brayer!